Banksy: the iPhone App

Banksy bestowed upon Sunset Blvd the pictured art just before the Oscars earlier this year. It was also the same week I moved to LA, and upon hearing of the piece I decided I was going to go drive past it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one article that noted what cross streets it was at, didn’t understand LA traffic and, by the time I made it there, it was gone. Not happening anymore. Conceived by Simon Hassett, a huge Banksy fan, Hassett built an iPhone appto track Banksy. The app shows the locationof Banksy art around the globe, offers directions, (more…)

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Must Listen: Rainbow Arabia

Like Lykke Li but with more ba ba ba base, Rainbow Arabia, a husband/wife duo out of Los Angeles, California, have released a few EPs since forming in 2008. The most recent, coming out this year ‘Boys and Diamonds’ will be released by Kompakt Records, and here is the video for ‘Without You’. Just a couple of notes.. I think I got the keyboard played in this video for Christmas when I was (more…)

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Diesel x Adidas: The Colliding Worlds Part II

Red plasma, blue liberty. I promise you will be a much more intelligent person after watching this video. I am also a compulsive liar. But wait, maybe that was a lie. Check out a little propaganda coming from a new collaboration between Diesel x AdidasTheColliding Worlds Part II: The Clash of the Colors features six fine shoes donning hues from the likes of the leaves you will see falling from the trees (more…)

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