Mixtape Monday Vol. 9

Mixtape Monday Vol. 9

It’s been so long I forgot how to turn a ‘more’ into a ‘break’. #HTML.

Mixtape Monday – er Tuesday – with a whopping 6 songs, but at least they’re a good 6. Ryn Weaver, kind of the cop out choice as she’s Vevo’s new lift artist but, when a corporate conglomerate has a win, they do have a win – she’s quite good. Up next we guess touring with Lorde and a strong addition to a summer blockbuster.

1. Patrick Watson, “Places You Will Go”
2. Volcano Choir, “Byegone”
3. The Paper Scissors, “Taller Than You Then”
4. Lucy Rose, “Our Eyes”
5. Victorian Halls, “Tonight Only the Dead”
6. Ryn Weaver, “Stay Low”


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