Skiplagged: The Plight of Optimizing Travel

Skiplagged: The Plight of Optimizing Travel

Skiplagged doesn’t break any laws. Skiplagged is getting sued.

Skiplagged was developed by a NYC computer whiz. It offers cheap flights, but in a pretty unique way. Granted there are some restrictions, so it’s not for the masses, but it’s pretty smart. How does it go? You put in your end and start destination as with any flight search. But Skiplagged finds flights with connections..and builds your trip around those.

The easier way of explaining it is this: I am in Chicago. I want to go to LA. Skiplagged finds the cheapest flight is actually Chicago to Phoenix, with a layover in LA. I book the flight, pack a carry on bag, and get off in LA. As the airport is calling my name on the overhead speaker as that flight to Phoenix is about to close, I’m halfway to Newport Beach.

Granted, yes, the wasted time looking for a person who’s not going to make the flight is annoying. And I just realized that as I, as wittily as I could, put together that story. But aside from this, what’s the big deal? The reality is, this isn’t even optimizing travel – this is playing by the airlines’ rules. And as long as they’re going to charge me $50 for every bag, and $10 for a Bloody Mary, I’m game for someone trying to work the system.

Back to the start, Skiplagged is getting sued by United Airlines and Orbitz. As a service for consumers, they are asking for consumers to help them battle this out in court. You can join the fight by donating to their Go Fund Me page. As of now, 18k has been raised of the 25k goal.



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