Start With This: Bon Shirt by Rolla’s

Start With This: Bon Shirt by Rolla’s

Start with this: the Bon Shirt by Rolla’s, and build your best outfit from there. The best thing about this button-down is the print, but it can vary wildly just how you look at it. Compared to a traditional Hawaiian shirt, this one is understated. Compared to your solid black version you over-wear, this one has some excitement.

Mix things up and out of the ordinary with the Bon Shirt. Down below, we like the Cotton-Linen Elasticated Trousers by Cos. They’re not fitted, and that’s a good thing. Over the ensemble, try a heavier denim jacket because – after all – you’re not actually in Hawaii.. you just look like you could be on vacation. To stay warm, pick up the Type 2 Worn Trucker Jacket, by Levi’s.

Add to all this some key accessories. We like the Quote Tote Bag by Off-White. Expensive? Yes. Unique and will stand out when even doing the most mundane things like grocery shopping? Also yes. Match it with the RB3546 by Ray-Ban, a new silhouette from an old school brand, and a gum & black woven bracelet from Rastaclat.

Bon Shirt by Rolla’s

The Bon Shirt by Rolla’s, $89.95, shown in tropical black, is a lightweight short-sleeved button-down made of 100% Viscose.

Image: Rolla’s

Quote Tote Bag by Off-White

They’ll never know all you’re really carrying is dog food. Try the Quote Tote Bag by Off-White, $500. The bag is expensive enough as it is – you might not be able to afford to put anything else into it.

Image: Off-White

RB3546 by Ray-Ban

The RB3546 by Ray-Ban, $178, is a nice change from those thick acetate frames you’ve been wearing. These come in 8 colorways, with Brown/Gold Brown Gradient shown here.

Image: Ray-Ban

All Day Every Day Jacket by Public Rec

The All Day Every Day Jacket by Public Rec, $128, is light & breathable – perfect for a take-along coat when you just don’t know if you’re going to need one. Sleek and stylish in (3) colors, but black goes with everything.

Image: Public Rec

And there’s more….

Cotton-Linen Elasticated Trousers by Cos

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The Cotton-Linen Elasticated Trousers, $115, are just as comfy as joggers - but look far better.

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