Get Lost

Ever meander around a big city and then realize you aren't actually meandering, you're in a panicked frenzy because you're: straight. up. lost. ? Yeah well, in certain metropolises, it's…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today is the worst day of the year to not live in Chicago. Here’s why. What do you get on St. Patrick’s Day in the windy city? A slime green river. A parade. Another parade on the south side. $2 Car Bombs. Drinking at sunrise. And this year, an 80 degree day. It’s officially spring. Now starts the countdown to Lollapalooza. (more…)

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Sh*t Chicagoans Say

Alright I realize it’s only funny if you’re from Chicago, but it’s so funny if you’re from Chicago, it makes up for anyone else watching this going “lame”. Few things. It is a completely different city in the summer.  I’m pretty sure we don’t have a soccer team. 4am bars are easily the most miserable ideas ever. Nothing ever will be better than Michael Jordan. And lastly, I’ve given that exact same look to idiots ordering three hundred and twelves. (more…)

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