Knockaround Limited Edition ‘Newsprint’ + Style Guide

Get them while they’re available, because these won’t last long. Released in a batch of 175, check out Knockaround‘s newest Limited Edition release, ‘Newsprint‘. The super affordable shades (just $35) come in a houndstooth pouch, a card indicating just what number you snagged and, duh, some silly putty. Just in case you miss the boat on the sunny g’s, check out some other must have items. (more…)

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Knockaround Sunglasses: C-Note

I just bought these sunglasses and I don’t even know if I like them. Why the rash purchase? Because I always miss out on Knockaround Limited Editions. And not wanting to be the bidder who missed the auction item by a penny, I just hit PURCHASE NOW and I can decide later if they look remotely decent enough on me to wear. Which, odds are, ‘remotely decent enough’ will be accomplishable because these sunglasses are the best. The brand only makes a few pairs, but – just wait – buy one pair and you will soon be like me purchasing the limited editions before you even see the full image load (more…)

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