The End of Year 2019 Gift Guide [for] The Fitness Fanatic

The End of Year 2019 Gift Guide [for] The Fitness Fanatic

When you look for your friends after work, you know some are at home, some are outside, and some are at the gym. For the fitness enthusiast in your life, we have a new group of great products perfectly suited for them. Included in the present package is a water bottle that is actually makes your H20 healthier (spoiler: it’s made of copper), a foam roller equipped with a vibrating core, a leather strap to make your yoga mat look totally masculine.. and a few other things for the gym lover in your life.

Products featured are from TRX (the makers of slam balls), Wurf (balance boards to help keep you healthy while at the office), weighted jump ropes from Crossrope (crossfit anyone?) and some new workout wear from new fitness brand Alo.

In the event all your bestie wants is for you to join them, ’tis the season to be amicable. Pick up a few key gym items for yourself, and follow them to health & wellness. It’s almost a new year anyway.

TB12 Foam Roller

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Essential for worked, sore muscles: this isn’t your average foam roller. The TB12 Vibrating Roller comes equipped with soothing vibrations that ease muscles post work out, and increase pliability before. Made by TB12 Sports and available for $160.

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