The End of Year 2019 Gift Guide [for] The Outdoorsman

The End of Year 2019 Gift Guide [for] The Outdoorsman

For those who opt outside, whether they were inspired by REI or have always done so on their own, a new technology trinket, sweater or some staple socks are going to cut it this holiday season. Give the outdoorsman in your life the gift he really wants by choosing from this carefully selected list of gifts for those who would rather be outside.

Camping is a key component of getting out. But it requires some stuff to do it right… or rather do it, and have it be more vacation – less work. To get the most of your trip, pack for the crew by picking up a tent capable of accommodating 8. The Wenzel Klondike Tent features living space…and entertaining space.

Speaking of entertaining, dinner’s on when you dish out the goods stashed in your ultra sleet cooler, (like the Hopper Flip 12 by Yeti) and cook it up right on a mini stove. What to bring? Beer and soda will stay ice cold in this cooler, and the mini grill is the perfect size for a round of hot dogs & burgers (condiments on the side.)

Jot down all the best parts of the day in a leather bound, customized journal. We like the color & style of those available at Schafer Art Studio on Etsy.

When ready to settle down, get comfy with some accommodations. The Kammok Bobcat 45°F blanket is great for snuggling by the fire.. then connect the sides to turn this sleek blanket into a sleeping bag. If you want to nap in the trees, the DoubleDeluxe Hammock by Eagles Nest Outfitters does the job well. And if you are ready to hit the sack – for the night – under the stars, you need a sleeping bag ready for the elements. The North Face One Bag Sleeping Bag is the best around – good for any time of year.

Finally, if the outdoorsman in your life loves the outdoors…but doesn’t get there often enough, give him the gift of a fire pit with the ease of a candle. The Tabletop Glass Fireplace, from 1Man1Garage on, is easy to set up, easy on the eyes.. and an easy way to enjoy being outside, without going much further away than your patio.

16" Foldable and Portable Charcoal Grill

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The adventure can continue...when you’re not hungry. Cook at the campsite with this 16" Foldable and Portable Charcoal Grill with Coal Tray, $90, from Gentlemen'sHardware Shop, on Wayfair.

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