Toothpick: Tip Women Less

Toothpick: Tip Women Less

Uber satirical pieces of work honestly make me a bit nervous. Enter The Colbert Report. Which, no doubt, I will sorely miss. But it’s because I’m always scared someone isn’t going to quite get the joke and be like “YEAH!”.

Along that thread of this-is-a-joke-it’s-not-a-joke is Toothpick. An app to help you calculate a tip, for less money, if your server is a woman and not a man. Finished eating, get the bill – plug in your total and how much you want to tip, (15%, 20%), then choose man or woman, and watch in horror. Why? On average women make 22% less than their male counterparts. And this app drives that reality home on a case by case basis.

What do you do with the information? Screenshot it and post to Instagram? Tip the same regardless of the sex of your server? (duh.) Sign this petition?


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